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World Quality Month: Getting to Know our Quality Systems Team
11 months ago

What do you mean by quality “systems”? Quality systems are the organization’s predefined standards, which our procedures and specifications are based on. We utilize an electronic quality management system to control and store this important collection of documents that define Nice-Pak’s standards.

What else is your team responsible for? My team is also responsible for making sure that all Nice-Pak employees receive the appropriate training to maintain our high standards, starting with the onboarding basics and extending all the way through the entire timeframe each employee spends with the company. Another function my team is responsible for is capturing accurate feedback from our consumers regarding product quality.

Tell us about Nice-Pak’s emphasis on training? Proper training is truly the foundation in the production of quality products, so it is critical that it is always current. Everyone at Nice-Pak receives training on current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Good Documentation Practices (GDP), Data Integrity and Document Retention, as they are critical concepts everyone needs to understand and always be mindful of. Each employee’s training requirements are outlined in a training matrix, which gets modified as their role evolves over time.

Why is document control so important to quality? Document control is yet another fundamental concept of quality, since every task we perform in producing a quality product must adhere to procedure, therefore, it is critical that our procedures are controlled from the beginning to the end of their life cycle.

What do your Quality Systems team members have in common, and what makes their work interesting? Being detail-oriented is fundamental. The best thing about being on our team is that there is a lot of opportunity for growth; starting from the very basics of learning how to route a document or capturing accurate information from a customer, to maintaining our quality management system and participating in its validation activities. There’s a lot of multitasking involved and always opportunities to learn new things!