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Impact in Action: Innovations in Baby Care, the First Touch
10 months ago

Innovations in Baby Care: The First Touch

By Lucienne DePonte, Sr. Director, Baby Category

August is the most popular month for births, according to the CDC, when couples across the country will welcome the joy of a newborn into their homes. Those parents will rely on the convenience of baby wipes to keep their new arrivals clean and healthy.

Nice-Pak Products, a leader in wet wipes -- starting with the first large-scale use of a wet wipe with the Wet-Nap® brand-- continuously modernized the baby wipe with innovations large and small over its 65-year history. Nice-Pak makes baby wipes under the Nice ‘N CLEAN® brand and for well-known retailer brands.

For our many impactful innovations, we have the consumer to thank. Through extensive research, we have listened to the voice of the consumer when it comes to baby care, meeting those needs by pioneering a range of wipes, formulations and packaging.

Nice-Pak introduced the first flip-top lid in 2003 with baby wipes. This simple innovation improved the ease of dispensing wipes during a diaper change, so parents could reach for their wipe with one hand while holding baby with the other.

Responding to parents’ wishes for purity and gentle ingredients, Nice-Pak was first to introduce a baby wipe formula made with naturally-derived ingredients in 2016. That was followed in 2019 by Nice-Pak’s skin health formula for baby wipes, clinically proven to help reduce redness and irritation and moisturize skin. The formula is effective on all skin types including eczema-prone skin and carries the seal of the National Eczema Association.

Our long-standing commitment to the environment means taking action towards a plastic-free future. Nice-Pak’s pipeline in packaging continues to reduce the use of plastics: reducing the flip-top lid size and weight in 2011 and eliminating the use of plastic baby wipe tubs in 2019. Now, we are the leading producer of 100% plant-based wipes. With the US baby wipe category predicted to continue its rise, our R&D team continues to innovate on all fronts.

At Nice-Pak, our corporate vision is to protect and improve environments – both near and far. The baby wipe is our “first touch” for those consumers we serve, and we take that responsibility seriously. For every new parent – and their newborn -- we are proud to continue our heritage of quality and innovation for this most exciting and emotional time.