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Impact in Action:  The Power of Trees
2 years ago

Impact In Action: The Power of Trees

By Deb Fillis Ryba, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Nice-Pak

The rise of diseases that originate in wildlife have emerged because our environment is increasingly under threat, a topic that has dominated headlines in recent years. As we approach Earth Day, we hear more about topics like air pollution, disease, extreme weather events, and the pressures on mental health.

Our simple solution to keeping families healthy and well, the wet wipe, was developed sixty-five years ago, when the scenarios we are facing today were the stuff of science fiction. At Nice-Pak, we often say “staying healthy starts with clean” as a clean environment today means more than skin and surfaces. Healthy people start with a healthy environment, both near and far.

Nature’s solution for healthy people and healthy planet

What is a simple solution that can help keep both people and the environment healthy? Luckily, we don’t need to invent it. The innovation was gracefully designed by Mother Nature 350 million years ago: Trees.

One tree will absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon pollution every year, and one tree captures the same amount of carbon emissions as driving a car 1,500 miles. Furthermore, exposure to forests and nature strengthens our immune system, reduces blood pressure, increases energy, and boosts our mood. We could all use a little mood boost right about now! A simple walk in the woods can provide the same benefits as a meditation app or a trip to the gym.

Just as human health is under threat, so are trees. Many communities lack forest cover, leading to increasingly challenging water and air pollution problems. Land-use change, wildfires and disease have destroyed forests and many kids don’t know or get to experience the health benefits of forests and trees in their communities.

Beyond our Footprint: Partnering for Impact, Inspiration and Action

At Nice-Pak, we aim to elevate the importance of trees not only by tree planting in communities that need them, but by restoring forests and supporting education efforts so others can be inspired to act. Nice-Pak recently announced our three-year partnership with American Forests and Project Learning Tree to connect trees and human health through those efforts. We are proud to be partnering with these experts in conservation and environmental education to do the job right, and you will hear more from us on the impact of our efforts as we support reforestation and educating today’s youth about trees and their vital role in human health.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we are all in this together. Every action we take can have either a negative or positive effect on our communities. We have important roles at Nice-Pak -- to not only steward the environment through the choices we make with our product innovations, operations, and supply chain, but also to engage and educate those we touch about the importance of caring for forests and trees.