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Nice-Pak Presents Our 2022 Environmental and Social Impact Report
1 year ago

Climate Week is an important time for corporations to celebrate their climate achievements and challenge themselves to do more. At Nice-Pak, we are marking the occasion by proudly presenting our 2022 Report on Environmental andSocial Impact with our sister company PDI.

Our company is working towards a sustainable future across all facets of our business. The report unveils our next generation goals to help us achieve our vision of a clean and healthy world through our products, expertise, and education.

Some of the highlights which are detailed in the report:

  • Engaging our suppliers to advance supply chain sustainability
  • Increasing year-over-year our percentage of plant-based wipes
  • Launching SecureFLUSH® technology, an innovative wipe that disperses five times faster than toilet paper
  • Launching our forest stewardship program – setting policy, advancing certification of our products and partnering with global experts in forestry
  • Becoming Good360 Resilient Response signatories in the US – donating wipes to help people recover from natural and human-caused disasters, including Ukrainian refugees

Advancing our social and environmental impact is a journey -- and alongside our associates, customers and stakeholders, we can amplify our efforts to improve and protect lives by improving and protecting environments near and far.