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Nice-Pak Supports #FlushSmart Effort with Video PSA and Advanced Wipe Technology
11 months ago

ORANGEBURG, NY, USA, July 12, 2022 -- Today, Nice-Pak announced it is joining the Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) in its #FlushSmart effort, dedicated to practicing smart flushing habits by preventing non-flushable materials from entering our wastewater systems. The company is releasing a new Public Service Announcement in conjunction with wastewater expert Barry Orr of Toronto Metropolitan University that educates on what is safe to flush.

According to a 2021 RFA survey, nearly 60% of consumers indicated that they have disposed of something non-flushable in the toilet during the previous year. “Protecting homes and wastewater facilities against infrastructure failures has become increasingly important to our environmental sustainability,” said Robert Julius, Chairman and CEO of Nice-Pak. “This awareness campaign aligns with Nice-Pak’s goals of protecting our environment through our products, expertise and education.”

New “Do Not Flush” labeling laws in California, Washington, Oregon, and Illinois, require the “Do Not Flush” symbol to be placed on the packaging of products that could pose a danger for creating clogs. The RFA and it’s #FlushSmart campaign advocate for consumers to practice responsible flushing habits across California and the rest of the country.

Nice-Pak, a pioneer and leader in the manufacturing and marketing of wet wipes, takes that commitment to the next level with the commercialization of Nice ’N CLEAN® SecureFLUSH™ Technology Flushable Wipes, a breakthrough flushable* wet wipe that is strong and durable yet breaks apart five times faster than the leading brand of two-ply toilet paper** when flushed. Launched in December 2021, Nice ’N CLEAN® SecureFLUSH™ Technology Flushable Wipes are now available on Amazon, Nicencleanwipes.com and in Walmart stores nationwide. SecureFLUSH™ recently won the World of Wipes Innovation Award from INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.

“We know that responsible care for plumbing and wastewater is critical to keeping our environment healthy,” said John Iarocci, Vice President, R&D and Quality for Nice-Pak. “We are thrilled to support INDA’s #FlushSmart efforts with this PSA as well as a product designed to provide an advanced level of flushing security to promote a healthy home and planet.”

Educational PSA Takes on What is “Safe to Flush”

Nice-Pak’s new Public Service Announcement features global wastewater expert Barry Orr in the Flushability Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Urban Water Research Centre. It provides easy-to-remember points on what is safe to flush and demonstrates SecureFLUSH™ as the latest technology in flushable wipes. Over the past 25 years, Orr has dedicated his life to protecting sewer system infrastructure and the environment. He played a leading role in an International Standards Organization task group working to define the term “flushable” and was the lead Canadian expert during the development of the International Water Services Flushability Group’s (IWSFG) standards, which are now being used as the basis for legislation in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

“We need to do more to educate consumers on what is truly flushable, and what should not be flushed,” said Orr. “With advanced labeling like a prominent Do Not Flush symbol and the IWSFG logo, we hope to increase awareness that toilets are not garbage cans and what is safe to flush thus protect our plumbing and wastewater systems.”

A New Technology in Flushable Wipes

The patent pending SecureFLUSH™ Technology results in a unique, 100% cellulose nonwoven wipe that is strong enough to clean, yet break apart rapidly, when flushed. With Nice ’N CLEAN® SecureFLUSH™ Technology Flushable Wipes, consumers can achieve a fresher clean and ensure responsible care for their plumbing, septic and sewage systems. Nice ’N CLEAN® SecureFLUSH™ Technology Flushable Wipes contain naturally derived ingredients and are made from 100% biodegradable** plant-based fibers.

About Nice-Pak

Headquartered in Orangeburg, NY, Nice-Pak and its family of companies, including its sister company PDI, have been the go-to choice for surface and skin hygiene in hospitals, restaurants, and homes around the world. The portfolio of Nice-Pak brands includes Nice ’N CLEAN®, GRIME BOSS®, and Wet-Nap® as well as private label brands. Over the years, Nice-Pak has introduced numerous wet wipe innovations for the consumer, healthcare, foodservice and other commercial markets. These include many firsts, such as the original Wet-Nap® wipes for foodservice; the development of both the first alcohol swab and the first disinfecting wipes for hospitals in 1963; the first resealable baby wipes travel pack for on-the-go portability in 1986; the disinfecting wipe in 1987; the antimicrobial alcohol gel hand wipe in 2003; the Eco-Pak for household disinfecting in 2010; and the first dispersible wipe made with plant-based material in 2014. Visit Nicepak.com to learn more.

About Responsible Flushing Alliance

The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to national consumer education programs focused on what not to flush. RFA’s goal is to change consumer behavior to help reduce damage to our nation’s sewage systems caused by objects and materials not designed to be flushed.

ƚ Leading brand
* Safe for well-maintained sewer and septic systems. Not recommended for use with basement pump systems.
** When disposed of in the toilet.

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