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2 years ago

Impact In Action

By Deb Fillis Ryba, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Nice-Pak

In recent weeks, the power of strong corporate purpose has emerged as companies worldwide stand up to help combat a political and humanitarian crisis. Companies are no longer expected to be merely responsible, but rather, lead in new ways to address issues that affect our lives both in and outside the workplace. Corporate Social Responsibility – commonly known as CSR -- has evolved to Environmental and Social Impact.

Over the past twenty months, Nice-Pak has formalized our environmental and social impact agenda to reflect this important shift in our approach. We’ve educated ourselves, developed data management and collection systems, and defined and aligned our aspirations for moving our corporate purpose forward. We are pleased to share the fruit of that labor:

Our plan for collaborative environmental and social impact.

Our plan is comprehensive, yet direct. We protect people with our products, but also through our actions within our organization and through engagement with our suppliers. We sustain environments by innovating to integrate sustainable materials into our products, address the climate impact of our facilities, and by educating people about why forest stewardship is so important. We engage our communities – our customers, suppliers, associates, and consumers -- not just in what we are doing but in understanding why we are doing it.

This work touches our suppliers, customers, sister companies, associates, partners and consumers and we couldn’t do this work without their collaboration and action.

This year, we will be launching our 2022 Global Environmental and Social Impact Report. You will see clear goals, concrete actions, and measurement of our progress. Our goals are each sponsored by leaders throughout Nice-Pak and PDI and our plans are approved by the company leadership. Embedded in our goals is our commitment to diversity and inclusion, in our workplaces and in our supply chain.

We are launching this blog to feature the stories and the people behind those goals, illustrate why this work is important and, hopefully, inspire you to play a part. Check back here every few weeks for another installment.

Every company, in fact -- every person, needs to look within to see how they can do their part in making the world a better place. We are excited to share our journey with you as we do our part to create a clean and healthy world through our products, expertise, and education.