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World Quality Month: Supplier Quality at Nice-Pak
11 months ago

Greg's Nice-Pak Quality Journey

I started in the warehouse as a Material Handler. Nice-Pak was not that same “old factory” -- It was clean, nice and the company allowed me plenty of opportunity. I would take pride in getting rolls to the production suite clean, undamaged and correct since there was not as much electronic traceability back then, so you had to physically touch and look at each roll.

We were constantly looking at the material packaging and labeling, thinking how can we improve it – that’s where I got an opportunity to talk to the quality team. They would ask me quality questions about the applicator rolls, and I would assist QA with taking test samples and performing inspections.

I then moved to becoming Raw Material Coordinator for Quality Assurance and got a broader hand in ensuring the materials we were using in production were the best we could get. I began to focus on Supplier Quality and became a Certified Supplier Quality Professional (ASQ). Throughout my career, Nice-Pak developed deeper partnerships with suppliers, and it was clear how it really strengthens both our commitment to Quality and our global wet wipe leadership.

Ensuring best in class raw materials means that my role is supported heavily by our QA Techs, Microbiologists, Raw Materials Teams and Analytical Techs across the sites. I also partner with Operations, Warehouse, Procurement and R&D across Nice-Pak for input to continually improve our suppliers. While I do visit a lot of suppliers and spend time at both Jonesboro and Mooresville, I am based primarily out of our Jonesboro, AR facility.

Suppliers and Sustainability

We’ve done a 180 when it comes to suppliers and sustainability. No one talked about sustainability 10 or 12 years ago, but everyone is talking about it now.  Many of our top suppliers are very proud of their certifications and being part of this global movement."

Nice-Pak’s commitment to sustainability goes far beyond its products and processes. It includes a multi-dimensional partnership with American Forests and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s Project Learning Tree to amplify the link between trees and human health. Visit Nicepak.com/Sustainability to learn more.