Protecting People

Advancing Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is where our mission meets our sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy. On a mission to keep families healthy and well, we earn and keep the trust of consumers while bringing leading retailers new innovations.

Across our business there are key impacts on health and wellbeing that we manage, measure and report:

Stakeholder group Issues we manage
Our associates and workers in our supply chain

A safe and healthy workplace that supports a comprehensive view on wellness.

Pursuit of the highest standards for ethical business, labor and human rights.

Our customers and product end-users

Products that support the health and wellbeing of clinicians, patients, families and caregivers.

Audited quality and regulatory standards for quality and product safety.

People worldwide

Supporting human health by protecting clean air, biodiversity, and by addressing our climate impact and waste footprint.

We support SDGs for health and wellbeing

SDG Good health and wellbeing

SDG 3 applies to our core product innovation priorities, safety and wellness programs for our associates, and to environmental practices which protect long term global health.