Helping our world stay healthy and well,
one wipe at a time.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a wet wipe can do.

Since our founding, we have introduced numerous wet wipe innovations to the consumer, healthcare, foodservice and commercial markets. Our R&D Innovation Center is leading the way on next-generation skin health formulations and elevating the health, safety and sustainability of wet wipe formulations.

Learn more about how Nice-Pak has pioneered and led the wet wipe category across healthcare, foodservice and consumer markets. 

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We take tremendous pride in every wipe we produce

We take tremendous pride in every wipe we produce.

Our dedication to quality starts with the raw materials that go into our wipes and extends through our manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes.

We comply with the highest ISO-certified quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our wipes and the health and safety of the people who use them.

Uniting for impact

Protecting Environments Near and Far.

Our purpose, helping our world stay healthy and well, is embodied through product innovation, environmental responsibility, and community education.

Partnering for health and planet American Forests Nice n Clean Project Learning Tree

Nice-Pak is helping American Forests restore threatened forest ecosystems and inspire people to value and protect wildland forests.

Read about Nice-Pak’s multi-year collaboration with American Forests and Project Learning Tree. Read our announcement.

Nice-Pak is a proud sponsor of Project Learning Tree, supporting environmental education using trees and forests as windows to the world.

Learn more about our corporate social responsibility.

Our family of companies include PDI and Nice-Pak International Ltd. We are one, global team united by purpose to save lives, improve health and make a difference everyday.

Explore PDI, a leader in the fight against preventable infections in healthcare, foodservice and communities.

Visit Nice-Pak International, the European leader in the manufacture and supply of
pre-moistened wipes.