Protecting Environments Near and Far.

Advancing our social and environmental impact is a journey within our four walls and beyond. At Nice-Pak, we share with our sister company PDI a never-ending commitment to improving and protecting environments near and far. As we look to the future, our focal pillars and goals will guide our evaluation and progress.

Our Pillars in Practice

Advancing health and wellbeing Flushable wipe technology

Our innovation in flushable wipe technology: Nice ‘N CLEAN® SecureFLUSH™

Sustaining environments Partnering for health and planet

Our collaboration to connect trees and human health through reforestation and youth education. Press release

Educating communities Good 360

Our Resilient Response Donation Partnership with Good360

View our 2022 Global Environmental and Social Impact Report

As the largest producer of wet wipes, we touch consumers of our products globally across all markets more than 100 billion times a year, and we have more than 2,850 associates. Our purpose, helping the world stay healthy and well, is embodied through product innovation, environmental responsibility, and community education. We align our broad, comprehensive, long-term view on sustainability and corporate responsibility with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.