Wet Wipe Solutions that Span the Entire Cleaning Continuum

As the world’s leading producer of wipes that sanitize, disinfect, and support healthy personal and environmental hygiene, Nice-Pak offers a comprehensive solutions approach with superior quality applicators, formulas and packaging for both retailers and our signature brands.

Nice n Clean Grime Boss Wet-Nap
Explore our world of wipes below

Baby & Toddler Wipes

Disposable wet wipes are considered a must-have for parents. Nice-Pak wipes rate high with consumers because they are soft, strong and feel like real cloth. Our sustainable baby wipes are made with plastic-free, plant-based fibers. We make baby and toddler wipes for leading retailers and our own Nice `N CLEAN® brand.


Hand & Personal Care Wipes

Nice-Pak offers a variety of hand wipes that remove bacteria and are more effective than gel sanitizers because they wipe away dirt and grime. We also offer an extensive line of personal care wipes, including facial, feminine, and adult incontinence, designed to address your whole family’s unique cleansing needs.

We make personal care wipes for leading retailers and our own Nice `N CLEAN®, GRIME BOSS® and our original Wet-Nap® brand.

Nice `N CLEAN Grime Boss Wet-Nap

Surface & Household Wipes

Surface – Disinfecting wipes are EPA-registered to kill bacteria and viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces, and are a convenient and efficient way to clean.

Specialty Wipes – Lens and Touchscreen wipes remove dirt, grime, and grease from delicate surfaces.

We make surface and household wipes for leading retailers and our own Nice `N CLEAN® and GRIME BOSS® brands.

Nice `N CLEAN Grime Boss

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes provide a fresh and soothing feeling with a more effective and cleaner wiping experience than toilet paper alone. Made with plant-based materials, they are safe for well-maintained sewers so you can feel confident flushing one wipe at a time.

We make flushable wipes for leading retailers and our Nice ‘N CLEAN brand. Our SecureFLUSH® Technology Flushable Wipes, introduced in December 2022, break apart five times faster than the leading toilet paper and are the recipient of the 2022 INDA World of Wipes innovation award.