Our Story

This is a story about pioneers with passion and purpose


Arthur and JuliusOur story is overflowing with a stream of innovative wet wipes that help families live cleaner, healthier lives. The Nice-Pak story began as the brainchild of our company’s founder, Arthur Julius, who came up with the idea for the world’s first disposable wet napkin. Julius was convinced that wet wipes could provide the best delivery system for cleaning and hygiene—far superior to the normal towel and soap method. He also believed there was a real need to clean hands before and after eating in restaurants. This belief drove him to create the very first Wet-Nap® wipe, using a converted food packette packaging machine in his 2,500-square-foot loft in lower Manhattan in 1957.


“Finger Lickin’ Good”

Sanders and Julius

In 1962, a meeting between Arthur Julius, his son Robert (current Nice-Pak CEO) and “Colonel” Harlan Sanders changed the foodservice industry forever. Sanders, whose Kentucky Fried Chicken® recipe was gaining popularity across the country, used the words “Finger Lickin’ Good” as his marketing slogan. The Julius family loved the slogan, but suggested that Sanders’ patrons clean up with a pre-moistened wipe after licking their fingers. Loving the idea, the Colonel placed an order that very day, and KFC® became Nice-Pak’s first national Wet-Nap customer. Soon after, thousands of restaurants around the world began offering their customers a Wet-Nap for quick clean-ups after messy meals.


A History Grounded in InnovationBaby Wonder Wipes 15ct Trvl Pk r2

Over the years, Nice-Pak has pioneered numerous wet wipe products for consumer, healthcare, foodservice and other commercial markets. In 1960, the company shipped its first product to customers: Nice ‘N Clean®. Innovations that followed included many firsts, such as the development of the first alcohol swab for hospitals in 1963; the first resealable baby wipes travel pack for on-the-go portability in 1986; the disinfecting wipe in 1987; the antimicrobial alcohol gel hand wipe in 2003; the Eco-Pak for household disinfecting in 2010; and the first dispersible wipe made with 100% plant-based material in 2014.


A Family Endeavor

Robert and Zachary Julius - NICE-PAK CO CEOS (credit to Kathy Kahn)Arthur Julius’ son, Robert, and grandson, Zachary, continue to build on the company’s original foundation. The seed of an idea that began in a small Manhattan loft has grown into millions of square feet of global manufacturing and distribution space and 2,500 worldwide associates. Today, Nice-Pak is the world’s leading producer of wet wipes, creating wipes for just about anything that requires cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting.