Protecting People


We protect and improve people’s lives by protecting and improving their environments – near and far, big and small – through our products, programs and processes.


Goal 1

Develop products that improve health and well-being through superior skin hygiene and surface disinfection.

Goal 2

Improve lives through comprehensive health, safety and wellness programming.

Goal 3

Formalize standards and processes that address the safety, environment, diversity and health of our supply chain.
Why it
to Us
Our products make good health and well-being more accessible while improving health outcomes in a variety of settings.

People depend on our products to perform effectively, every time. This has never been more important than now—over two years into fighting a global pandemic. The diversity of our product range, product safety, quality, and effectiveness are paramount.
As a company built around health and wellness, employee health and safety is priority for our organization. It’s a critical issue we influence directly through workplace programs and practices. In addition, we meet the business ethics expectations of our stakeholders by implementing policies that provide accountability and grievance mechanisms. These practices are linked to our productivity and our core values. Our supplier relationships are extremely important. Through education and engagement, we aim to better understand supplier sustainability practices. We clarify our environmental social, and ethical standards through policies and surveys, helping us build a more resilient, transparent, and sustainable supplier base.
Aligned with
UN Sustainable
Development Goals
good-health.jpg good-health.jpg gender-equality.jpg decent-work.jpg
on-site-health-resources.pngReached thousands of associates through on-site health and education resources
engaged-suppliers.pngEngaged 86% of our suppliers to gain deeper insights through sustainability surveys (by percentage of global spend)